The Internet Is Transfixed By The Wonderfully Pointless, Surreal, Circular Debate Between Two Google Home Devices

Hundreds of thousands of people have tuned in to Twitch today to be amused, befuddled, and delighted (often at the same time) by the Internet of Things’ version of a dog chasing its own tail — two Google Home hubs speaking to each other about everything and nothing, with no immediate end in sight.

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At some point yesterday, a Twitch account named “Seebotschat” began pitting the two smart-home speakers against each other in a witless battle of wits, emotions, and utter nonsense. It’s as if two extraterrestrials who vaguely understand how humans communicate might try to replicate interactions in a stage play.


Speaking of stage plays, though the two Homes have each given multiple different names to each other, they are tagged “Vladimir” and “Estragon,” a reference to the two chatty characters in the classic Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot.




As of Friday afternoon, nearly 650,000 people have viewed this conversation.

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