Disruptive Couple Arrested After Forcing Delta Flight To Return To Airport

Image courtesy of zonaphoto

A Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles returned to the gate less than an hour after takeoff Wednesday night when a couple’s spat became too disruptive to continue.

WCCO reports that the flight returned to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport at 7:35 p.m. and a man and woman were arrested for causing a disturbance.

While it’s unclear what kind of disturbance the couple made during the short flight, a video shot by another passenger shows the man trying to attack a fellow traveler as he was being removed by airport police.

The video shows other passengers booing the couple and applauding when police removed them.

As the police escort the couple down the aisle, the man can be seen lunging at another passenger before police quickly subdue and handcuff him.

The disruptive female passenger can be heard shouting profanities at other passengers and the police.

WCCO reports that the pair, who were arrested, will likely face local and federal charges for disrupting the flight.

The Delta flight eventually made it to its destination, although a bit behind schedule.

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