T-Mobile Tries To Get Under AT&T’s Skin By Offering 12 Months Of DirecTV Now For Free

AT&T wireless customers can stream the company’s new DirecTV Now service without having the data go against their monthly limit. The company hopes it will give existing subscribers a reason to stick with AT&T and convince some others to switch providers to AT&T. However, T-Mobile is hoping to use DirecTV Now against AT&T, by offering to pay for a full year of the streaming service for AT&T defectors.

The premise behind this promotion? Other than T-Mobile seeking attention, the idea is to remind consumers that T-Mobile has has not busied itself with mega mergers with satellite companies — or AT&T’s pending acquisition of the Time Warner media empire.

“AT&T is so distracted by their new businesses and DirecTV that they continue to ignore their 110 million wireless customers,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a statement as part of the announcement.

Big Magenta, he explains, will pay attention to them and give them a subscription to DirecTV Now, apparently the best of both worlds, assuming that the streaming service is something that works for you and your TV habits.

T-Mobile is combining these things by giving customers a credit on their T-Mobile bill for $35 per month. To get the credit, customers have to transfer two lines to T-Mobile’s unlimited plan, which would cost $120 per month with a family plan.

On the plus side for AT&T, this deal means that they’ll still be getting $35 per month for at least a year from customers who were probably thinking about leaving anyway.

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