Busch Gardens: Errant Reservation Emails Were The Result Of A Glitch, Not A Hack

Image courtesy of Flyinace2000

While it’s a very useful thing to receive an email confirming your upcoming reservation to a theme or amusement park, it’s not quite so helpful if you never made plans to visit that attraction in the first place. Busch Gardens is now reassuring folks who accidentally got an email about an impending trip to one of its parks that the errant missives were due to a glitch, and not an information breach.

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA said the wayward emails sent on Tuesday were the result of a glitch in a mailing list for a marketing campaign, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

“It was not a data breach; this was a marketing campaign,” a spokeswoman told the Sentinel. “It was frustrating and confusing, but that was it.”

While the park is staying mum on how many people received the email mistakes, the park says not everyone who’s ever provided their contact information got one.

“It was kind of a cross section of people who have signed up for email [updates] or had visited our parks and given us their email address,” the spokeswoman added.

Time travel also appears to have been suggested: one Orlando resident said he received six separate emails about reservations, some that said he would arrive in 2015, while others had blank reservation dates.

“I’ve never been to Williamsburg in my life, so that was kind of a surprise,” he said.

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