Ho Ho Whoa: Christmas Tree Prices Hit Up To $77 — Per Foot — In NYC

Image courtesy of A Silly Person

Yes, Virginia, there is a city where $1,000 Christmas trees are real. Where, you ask? In — where else? — New York City.

We’re not talking about your jumbo Christmas trees, the kind that pop up in places like Rockefeller Plaza or the local mall; these trees are meant for anyone who can fit 13-plus feet of foliage in their home, and are willing to spend a lot of money in the process.

The New York Post highlights one Greenwich Village vendor who charges $77 per foot for her best trees — and that’s not to mention delivery and installation fees. A 13-foot white fir would cost $750 to start, for example, with add-ons like $200 for the stand, $25 for delivery and setup, and $20 each to the three or four workers needed for the job. That brings the total to around $1,000 for someone who can’t haul a huge tree home on their own.

Also adding to the cost is that fact that these firs aren’t your garden variety evergreen, the tree seller adds.

“They are not a traditional Christmas tree, so they are harder to get,” she said. “Not many farmers grow them. To find a good one is difficult.”

She hasn’t sold any trees for more than $1,000 yet, noting that her best sale this season was a 13-foot Nordmann fir sold for $500 a few days ago.

Elsewhere in the country, holiday revelers may be paying high prices for their Christmas trees — or having fewer options to choose from — for entirely different reasons, including drought and a shrinking marketplace in some states.

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