AT&T Customers Can Now Use Amazon’s Alexa To Send Text Messages

Amazon is adding another feature to make life easier for Echo users, well, at least those with AT&T wireless plans: AT&T customers can now tell Alexa to send text messages.

Starting Nov. 18, Amazon Echo, Dot, or Echo Tap users can simply instruct Alexa to “have AT&T text” a contact’s name, and then relay the message they’d like to send, like, “Help, please send more pizza, running low.”

You won’t be able to text just anyone you know, however, as Alexa will only be able to store up to 10 contacts’ names and numbers at one time. You’ll have to add that information to Alexa before any texting can happen in the first place.

“Amazon Echo is ahead of the curve in terms of voice recognition technology and functionality,” said Jeff Bradley, AT&T’s senior vice president, Device and Network Services Marketing. “AT&T is the first carrier to bring this unique skill to a product already known for innovation. We’re always working to bring simple solutions for our customers to stay in touch.”

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