Cedar Crest Ice Cream Joins Cookie Dough Recall

Image courtesy of David Lifson

Back in September, Blue Bell Creameries scared its fans again by announcing a recall of ice cream for possible Listeria contamination. Fortunately, it wasn’t a repeat of the massive contamination last year: the bacteria was in cookie dough from an outside supplier. That dough also went to other ice cream companies, including Publix, Blue Bunny, and Chocolate Shoppe, which later recalled their cookie dough ice creams. Now another brand, Cedar Crest, is joining the recall.

In a recall announcement, Cedar Crest notes that it only learned about the recall from the cookie dough supplier, Aspen Hills, on Thursday. The potentially hazardous cookie dough pieces were used in three flavors, two of which are only sold in bulk containers that most home users probably wouldn’t buy unless they were hosting a party or an event. Unless your family goes through 48 ounces of ice cream in a timely manner: we don’t judge.

Here are the affected flavors:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Production codes 3826, 3846, 4346, and 4326 in pints, 48 oz., and 3 gallon
Monster Cookie: 3826 in 3 gallon
Pirate’s Bounty: 4346 in 48 oz.


Cedar Crest is a Midwestern brand, but we don’t have information on which specific retailers carry it.

Cedar Crest Specialties, Inc. Issues Recall on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Monster Cookie & Pirate’s Bounty Ice Cream as Result of Aspen Hills, Inc. Cookie Dough Recall [Recall Notice]

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