Three Gourmet Ice Cream Brands Recalled For Possible Listeria

Image courtesy of (Jonathon)

Being fancy and expensive is no guarantee against contamination, which is a lesson that all food processors should learn. This week’s recall is of gourmet ice cream from the brands Agave Dream, L.A. Creamery, and Nancy’s, all of which came from the same co-packing facility, and all of which may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

That’s the same bacteria that can survive freezing temperatures and led to the recall of Blue Bell ice cream products last year, and it can have deadly complications for children, elderly people, people with compromised immune systems, and children. Healthy people might have no illness at all, or they might have a fever, muscle aches, or gastrointestinal pain.

Here are the ice creams to watch out for. All come only in pints, or pint-ish containers.


The Agave Dream flavors are vanilla, cheesecake, cappuccino, chocolate chip, and lavender. Customers are asked to return the ice cream to the store, and call 866-993-4438 if they have any questions.


The L.A. Creamery flavors are Honeycomb and Salted Caramel, and came in 14-ounce paper containers. They were sold in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Customers can call (818) 405-0022, extension 103 with any questions.


The Nancy’s Fancy flavors are Fancy Butterscotch Budino Gelato and Crunchy Peanuts Gelato, which were sold in California, Oregon, and Texas. Customers can call (818) 405-0022, extension 103 with any questions, and will receive a full refund from the company.

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