JCPenney Kicks Off Black Friday The Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart

Last year, JCPenney waited around until Thanksgiving Day to begin its Black Friday/Shopping Frenzy Week deals. This year, the department store chain has decided that’s way too late, and plans to start its deals even earlier: all of its advertised specials for Black Friday will be available on Wednesday.

While this might be a fun idea for stores that plan to close on Thanksgiving Day to draw early shoppers even while they give their employees the actual holiday off, JCPenney isn’t part of that club. Stores (outside of states where it’s explicitly illegal to be open on the holiday, and there are still a few) will open at 3 pm. on Thanksgiving Day.

In an interview with AdAge, the company’s chief customer and marketing officer went out of her way to point out that the Thanksgiving hours are something that both customers and employees want. The retailer is offering double pay to entice employees to volunteer, and she points out that shopping on Thanksgiving has already become a tradition for some families.

If we’ve started calling Thanksgiving Day retail Brown Thursday, what does that make sales that kick off on Wednesday? Gray Wednesday?

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