Chipotle Reassures Customers That Guacamole Supply Is Not Threatened By Avocado Shortage

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

Despite an ongoing avocado shortage that has already affected some in the food industry, Chipotle is reassuring customers that no, the chain will not run out of guacamole, and no, prices for the stuff won’t go up.

It’s a perfect storm of bad news for avocado lovers, with a growers strike in Mexico and a drought in California affecting crops, Business Insider reports, leaving some restaurants to strike guac from the menu.

Last October, the U.S. imported about 35 to 45 million pounds of Hass avocados every week from Mexico, the Hass Avocado Board says. But last week, we only imported 8.5 million pounds of the produce.

Sweetgreen salad chain said earlier this month that keeping avocados in supply has been a “bit of a struggle,” while there are also rumors afoot that Qdoba is running out of guacamole. Local restaurants have reported supply issues as well.

“We’ve been out of guacamole for four days now,” the co-manager of a taco restaurant in San Diego told CNBC [warning: link contains autoplay video]. “Hopefully we will get some avocados soon.”

Hormel Foods, which makes Wholly Guacamole, says it’s monitoring the situation and leveraging its global supply chain to “minimize any potential business disruptions,” CNBC notes.

But Chipotle seems to be sailing along on a tortilla ship boat, however, telling customers not to worry.

“We do not plan to raise prices for guacamole (we don’t typically raise prices in response to short-term cyclical changes in food costs) and have not incurred any supply disruptions,” Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold said in a statement.

But yes, it will still cost you extra if you want guacamole on your burrito.

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