Amazon Prime Members Can Share Their Photo Storage With Others

In yet another step in Amazon’s seemingly endless attempts to bulk up its $99/year Prime membership features, the e-commerce giant will now let members share their unlimited photo storage space with up to five friends or family members. 

Amazon launched Family Vault on Tuesday, giving Prime members the ability to give up to five people access to unlimited storage of photos, plus an additional 5 GB for videos and other files.

The new option focuses on collecting and organizing images on multiple devices by multiple people.

“Prime members love the benefit of unlimited photo storage but often struggle to collect and organize photos,” David Nenke, Director of Prime Photos, Amazon, said in a statement. “We launched the Family Vault to make it easy for family members to safely store and share all their favorite moments.”

The thought behind the service is that if you’re working on a project, say, a photo book for grandma, other family members can easily contribute by storing photos on your Prime space.

Photos will be categorized based on people, places, and things. This allows users to simple search terms, like “sunset,” to bring forward photos rather than wading through the whole collection.

And, of course, when all the photos are compiled, Amazon won’t be upset if you use its recently announced photo printing business to create the physical photo book.

To add people to your Amazon Photo storage — or to actually use the storage space yourself — visit or download the Prime Photo mobile app. It’s unclear how easily Prime members can remove and add other family members to the photo storage service.

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