Don’t Forget: Time’s Almost Up To Opt Out Of Sports Authority’s Sale Of Your Information

Image courtesy of Laura Northrup

When you give your e-mail address or other personal data or contact information to a company, the privacy policy usually spells out that your data will be sold along with other assets if the company is bankrupt or sold. That’s the case with former sports retailer Sports Authority, which is about to send its customer data over to its victorious competitor, Dick’s Sporting Goods… unless you opt out.

Here’s the problem with the opt-out process, though: you need to contact the company with a code that you received with the benignly named “Privacy Policy Notice.”

If something happened and that e-mail was filtered out of your inbox or something else went wrong, well, maybe you aren’t on their mailing list? You’ll just have to sit back and hope that your contact information isn’t on the list and that the message with your code wasn’t misdirected.

We’re seeing varying deadline dates for this, with range from today to next Wednesday, and it may simply depend on when different batches of e-mails were sent.

If you do have a code, you can visit to paste it in and opt out. If you don’t have a code and think you should, or if you have any other questions about the transfer, call 1-888-836-1708.

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