Police: 600 Marijuana Plants Found In Day Care Center’s Backyard

Image courtesy of West Haven Police Department

While it’s always nice to have a backyard for children to play, some kinds of greenery should be kept far from the clutches of kids. Like the 600 marijuana plants police in Connecticut say they found in the yard of a day care center.

West Haven police said they found the plants growing in the yard of a day care after being called by state child care inspectors, NBC Connecticut reports.

The inspectors called the cops after they weren’t allowed behind a tall wooden fence in the center’s yard, which tipped them off that something might be amiss. Police arrived with search warrant and found the plants, each between six and 10 feet tall, growing in the yard’s garden.

The facility was shut down by city housing inspectors and the day care’s license was suspended. A spokeswoman for the Office of Early Childhood confirmed that the license is on summary suspension, and that the operator of the center can request a hearing to appeal. The license suspension is separate from any criminal investigation.

Arrests are coming, the police say, but haven’t named suspects or detailed any charges that could be tied to the plants.

600 Marijuana Plants Found in Backyard of Day Care: Police [NBC Connecticut]

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