Guy Says He Was Charged $573 For A 45-Hour Uber Ride He Didn’t Take

Image courtesy of CBS 2 Chicago

If you took a 45-hour car ride, you’d probably remember it. Which is why a man in Chicago was confused to find he’d been charged a bucketload of money for a very long Uber trip that he never took.

A Chicago man says he requested an Uber ride in the city a few weeks ago, but the ride was canceled by the driver, CBS 2 Chicago reports. So instead, he hailed a cab, and got an email from Uber in the meantime explaining that his ride had been canceled and he wouldn’t be charged.

That was that — or so he believed — until he got his credit card statement and noticed a $573.85 charge from Uber, for a ride that supposedly covered only 23 miles and yet took 45 hours and 46 minutes to complete.

“That’s a really long time to sit in an Uber and go 23 miles,” he told CBS Local.

He emailed Uber — because he couldn’t find a phone number to call, since there isn’t one — looking for help, but said he only received a minimal response, followed by several followup emails with different people replying each time.

The company apologized to the customer after being contacted by CBS 2, and promised a full refund.

“This is an isolated incident and we are working on our end to under what may have happened here,” an Uber spokesperson said.

Hey, it could’ve been worse: he could’ve been charged more than $1,500 for an imaginary six-day trip.

Uber Charged Man $500 For A Ride He Never Took [CBS 2 Chicago]

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