Survey Says: Most Netflix Customers Would Be Willing To Pay More For The Service

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Despite any grumbling customers might have done amid Netflix’s recent price hike, a new survey shows that the company could probably raise rates again and most customers would be fine with paying more.

A new survey from Digitalsmiths of 3,114 adults in the U.S. and Canada found that 21% of Netflix customers would pay $16 or more per month for the streaming service, Variety reports (h/t

Here’s how that breaks down:
• 8.4% were willing to pay $16-$19 per month
• 6.5% would pay between $20-$23
• 3% are cool with paying $24-$27
• 1.7% could go as high as $28-$31
• 1.4% got super crazy and said they’d be fine paying $32 or more

Another 39.1% didn’t go that high, but still said they’d fork over more cash than they do now and pay anywhere from $12 to $15 monthly. Netflix packages currently start at $10 per month.

There’s a limit to customers’ love, however: 29.3% of respondents said they wouldn’t be willing to pay a penny more than they do right now. The last 10.6% or so just didn’t answer.

This could mean Netflix has wiggle room to raise rates in the future, though it probably won’t risk doing so very soon, considering some of the customer reactions over the last price hike: as Variety notes, at least one ticked off Netflix customer is suing the company over the the price increase, claiming he was promised a lifetime guarantee that rates wouldn’t go up.

Could Netflix Raise Prices Even Higher? 21% of Users Would Pay $16 or More Per Month [Variety]

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