United Airlines Employee Accused Of Stealing $129K Worth Of Jewelry From Passenger

Image courtesy of Bernal Saborio G. (berkuspic)

Despite that popular childhood chant, finders is not keepers in the adult world, which is why a United Airlines employee is in hot water for allegedly boosting $129,000 in jewelry that was stashed in a passenger’s lost bag.

Police arrested a customer service agent who works at Denver International Airport, accusing him of swiping a cosmetic case that had fallen out of a traveler’s suitcase, The Denver Post reports. Inside that case was $129,000 worth of jewelry.

The woman who owns the jewelry arrived at DIA on Aug. 8 on a United flight from Aspen, and realized her cosmetics case had fallen out of her luggage, a search warrant says. She reached out to the Aspen airport, and was told that the case had been located and was on its way back to her in Denver.

But police didn’t find the case when the flight arrived, so they took a look at security camera footage from the area. In it, the worker is seen “wrapping the cosmetic case in printer paper. He leaves and then returns with a brown paper bag,” according to the arrest warrant.

He then slides the cosmetic case into the paper bag, picks up his phones, water bottle, and the bag and leaves the customer service desk.

Police arrested him later that day and charged him with one count of felony theft in the case. Officials recovered the cosmetic case and its expensive contents at his home.

United employee charged in $129,000 DIA jewel heist [The Denver Post]

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