Don’t Waste Your Time Sending These Ideas To Ford

Image courtesy of Daniel Oines

We’ve all been there: you’re in your car, driving along, when you’re suddenly struck with an idea for an insanely awesome invention that could totally change the way you and the rest of the world drive. That’s great, and Ford wants you to send it some of those ideas, but others, well, it’s heard’em before.

Ford says it just not worth it for either you or the company if certain ideas are submitted through the company’s consumer innovation/ideas portal.

“We do not want you to waste your time submitting these ideas (or our time reviewing them), as we will reject your submission,” Ford says (h/t Quartz), urging folks to first refer to a list [PDF] of most frequently submitted ideas.

Don’t be surprised if some of these ideas come to fruition, however, it’s just that Ford is getting sick of hearing the same things over and over again.

Here’s what’s on the list:

1. Special gas doors: Dual fuel filler doors (one on each side of the vehicle), or in a specific location on all models, like on the back of the car.

2. Built in car jack assemblies: Either for easier changing of tires, or for working beneath the vehicle.

3. Infrastructure ideas requiring electrified roadways: This “will need government sponsored effort,” Ford notes.

4. Cars that fill up on things other than gas: This includes cars that do not use gasoline/diesel, and cars that use air/water to extend range (HHO, Brown’s Gas, electrolysis, windmills, turbines, magnets on wheels/driveshaft, and solar).

5. Seatbelt tattling system: Exterior indicator lights to notify others that occupants are not wearing their seatbelts.

6. Something that disables cell phones: Anything designed to keep people from texting while driving.

7. Transition glass: This includes transition windshields/window screens for sun and/or element barrier (like the glasses your high school math teacher wore that were never truly clear inside).

8. Brake light changes: Tweaks to brake lights that would alert other drivers by changing color, intensity, or flashing, or lights in a different location. This one will never happen, as brake lights are regulated by law, Ford says.

9. Occupant detection systems: Tools that alert drivers to either children or pets left alone in the vehicle.

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