Ford Testing Lease-Sharing Program That Would Let Friends, Family Split A Car

Though it might be nice to have a car for some occasions, there are plenty of people for whom owning or leasing a vehicle just isn’t worth it. Ford thinks it can appeal to those who might want their own wheels but don’t want to bear the burden of paying for it alone, with a new lease-sharing program it’s preparing to test.

Starting next month in Austin, the Ford Credit Link pilot will offer leases on vehicles to groups of between three and six people, the company announced today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, reports Biz Beats blog at the The Dallas Morning News.

“Lease groups can reserve drive time, check vehicle status, keep up with maintenance, communicate with each other, view their account, and make payments through a vehicle plug-in device and app,” Ford says.

Leases are only for 24 months and will be available at three Austin dealerships.

“Austin is a progressive city with a rich demographic mix. It has effective public transportation, and consumers who use various mobility options but may not need a full vehicle lease to meet their transportation needs,” David McClelland, Ford Credit executive vice president, marketing and sales, said. “This combination makes Austin a good place to test Ford Credit Link.”

It’s an interesting idea, though it could also provide fodder for college roommate fates on a level beyond the usual disagreements over who refuses to wash the dishes for weeks on end. Being stuck in a lease with an friend who turns out to be irresponsible could be a particularly uncomfortable situation, we’d imagine.

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