T-Mobile Will Provide Customers Unlimited Pokémon Go Data Until Fad Dies, Or August 2017

While the suddenly popular mobile game Pokemon Go doesn’t gobble data in the same way as streaming music or video, it does use more data than just wandering around not hunting for imaginary creatures. That’s why T-Mobile is joining the party and giving Pokémon trainers unlimited data within the app for more than a year as its next promotion for T-Mobile Tuesdays.

In any discussion of the game, people wonder how long the fad will last. A core group of fans will keep playing for a while, sure, but how long until it stops being a headline-dominating craze? T-Mobile doesn’t know any more than the rest of us, but the company does know how to capitalize on a trend when it sees one. They’re also making data within the app free until August 2017, which will cover the concept whether the game immediately dies out, or stays popular for a while.

That’s why as part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays series of promotions, the company kicked a discount for luxury site Gilt off the list for next week. In a press release, it even helpfully tied other T-Mobile Tuesdays offers to the game, noting that players can take a free Lyft ride to nearby Pokéstops and gyms, and a free Frosty at Wendy’s to keep themselves powered up through long training sessions.

Well played, T-Mobile. Nice marketing tie-in.

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