“T-Mobile Tuesdays” Continue To Be Problematic Day Of The Week

As part of its new rewards program announced earlier this month, T-Mobile declared T-Mobile Tuesdays as an ongoing promotion that offers users rewards each Tuesday through a T-Mo app. Its first week was beset with server issues. The second week, problems with customers getting their promised free pizza led T-Mobile to swap out pizza for Lyft rides. Now in its third week, we’re back to more server errors for a lot of angry T-Mobile subscribers.

The T-Mobile Twitter feed is doing a lot of not-quite-apologizing to upset users, who are firing up the app only to find it won’t connect or that the offer list is empty:
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.01.28 PM

T-Mobile HQ hasn’t put out an official statement yet, but T-Mo CEO John Legere is apologizing on Twitter while also trying to spin this as an example of just how wonderfully popular the app is:

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