Sears Expanding DieHard Brand With Foray Into The Car Tire Business

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After hinting that it would be exploring unnamed options for getting more out of some of its signature house brands, Sears has announced that it will be expanding DieHard’s reach in the automotive market by selling passenger-car tires under the brand.

DieHard started as a battery brand in 1967 before adding items like jumper cables and work boots to the mix, but this will mark the first addition to that lineup in more than a decade, The Wall Street Journal reports.

DieHard Silver Touring All-Season tires will be available at Sears’ 650 automotive service centers starting late next month, the company said, though some stores won’t be stocked until August.

It’s unclear which tire maker will make the tires, which are slated to sell for between $63 and $149, but Sears says it will partner with different manufacturers as it works on adding tires for pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles to the portfolio.

The move comes after Sears surveyed 500 people to see how they’d feel about the DieHard name among a list of other tire brands, and it came in third, Tom Park, president of the DieHard, Kenmore and Craftsman brands said.

“We have millions of customers who are already familiar with the DieHard name,” Park said. “We are banking on that brand equity.”

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