Airbnb Debuts Complaint Center For Neighbors To Sound Off On Bad Guests

Image courtesy of x-ray delta one

In the old days, if you wanted to complain about a noisy neighbor’s guests you’d either have to storm over there in your nightgown in person, call the police, or gossip meanly with your fellow neighbors. There’s another option now for folks disturbed by rowdy visitors to the neighborhood, with Airbnb’s new online complaint center.

The company revealed back in March that it was working on a tool to allow people to report problem guests staying nearby, and today, it announced that its Airbnb Neighbors complaint portal is open for business.

Noting that the “overwhelming majority of Airbnb guests are respectful travelers,” which means “complaints and issues are incredibly rare,” Airbnb says it wants to be able to help community members be good neighbors wherever hosts live.

Starting today, if you have a specific concern with a listing in your neighborhood — noise complaints, large jungle cats roaming around, the usual — you can log it on From there, the company will review the concern and follow up with the host if necessary.

You can submit information anonymously, or let the team share your contact information if you want the host to follow up directly.

“We’ll treat each case seriously and ensure that we give hosts and their neighbors the opportunity to resolve concerns themselves, whenever possible,” Airbnb says, adding that those who “repeatedly” fail to meet its standards and expectations “will be subject to suspension or removal from the Airbnb community.”

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