San Francisco Pot-Friendly Gym Will Let Members Get High While They Get Buff

Image courtesy of Grafspee

First it was juice bars, now this: a new pot-friendly gym in San Francisco will allow members to get high on the premises.

Starting this fall, a new gym called Power Plant Fitness will offer marijuana to workout fans. This won’t be a place to “get high and screw around,” however: cofounder of the gym and founder of the 420 Games — basically the stoner Olympics — Jim McAlpine wrote on the company’s site recently.

“We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” he explains.

The gym wants to show that pot users aren’t all lazy stereotypes who sit around eating Cheetos half the day and wiping off Cheetos dust the rest of the day.

McAlpine tells Tech Insider that gym members will take a “cannabis performance assessment” with the staff to pinpoint the “most optimal ways to consume.”

Edibles and vaping will be allowed on-site to start, with plans for an outdoor smoking deck in the future.

“We will be helping our members figure out how is best for them to ingest their cannabis,” McAlpine tells Tech Insider.

However, if the gym wants to actually sell marijuana products on the premises, it’ll have to register as a dispensary lounge, under California law [PDF].

A gym where people can get high onsite is opening in San Francisco [Tech Insider]

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