Tyson Foods Investigating Poultry Farm Accused Of Mistreating Chickens

Image courtesy of Chris Goldberg

Nine months after Tyson Foods cut ties with a poultry farm in Tennessee that was accused by an animal rights group of mistreating and abusing chickens, the company is investigating another farm in the same state over similar abuse allegations.

Bloomberg reports that Tyson has opened an investigation into a contract farm in Lewisburg, TN, after Mercy for Animals published undercover video footage that reportedly showed birds are suffering in windowless sheds and enduring injuries.

The group — which filmed footage at other farms along with the one that Tyson cut ties with last year — also claims in the footage that birds are bred to grow too fast and are being weighed down by their own weight.

“It’s disturbing to us to see any sick or injured birds, which is why we have a track record of quickly addressing animal welfare concerns,” a Tyson spokesman told Bloomberg. “If our investigation into this farm uncovers anything wrong, we will immediately address it.”

However, the company says it works closely with third-party producers to conduct well-being audits.

“Our veterinarians and animal health experts are looking into these claims, which re-use old videos about matters we’ve already investigated and taken action on,” he said.

In addition to pushing for the Tyson investigation, Mercy for Animals is asking the company to ensure its producers provide birds with more space, clean litter, and access to natural light.

Tyson Investigates Chicken Farm Where Group Alleges Abuse [Bloomberg]

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