Collectibles Seller Films FedEx Worker Flinging Packages Around

When a Long Island collectibles seller heard reports from customers that items were arriving damaged, he became a one-man investigative reporting team and decided to watch workers in action at the local FedEx store. He was surprised to watch an employee picking up packages and flinging them onto a truck. Yes, even packages labeled “fragile.”

“I was just blown away. I was absolutely left speechless for the most part,” he told New York’s WCBS. (Warning: auto-play video at that link.) “I couldn’t believe it.” He evidently isn’t a regular Consumerist reader, though we see delivery drivers chucking one package at a time more often than drivers chucking entire loads of packages at a time. He was so surprised to see this that he whipped out his phone and took a video.

“If my local fedex store is any example of the companies standards then they are in need of a major reboot,” he noted on the original footage that he posted to YouTube.

When asked about the video footage, a FedEx representative said that customers should complain to the company and file claims when they receive packages that have been damaged. “The behavior depicted in the video is not consistent with the professionalism FedEx Ground demonstrates every day,” the company said in a statement. “They’re committed to treating packages with the utmost care, and will take the appropriate action to address this situation.”

L.I. FedEx Worker Caught On Video Hurling Packages Into Truck [WCBS] (Warning: auto-play video)
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