NHTSA Shames Distracted Drivers With #JustDrive Twitter Hashtag

Image courtesy of frankieleon

Distracted drivers aren’t just making phone calls or taking their eyes off the road to text. Many of them are going on Twitter while they should be concentrating on driving. Which is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is trying to shame them into putting their phones down.

The safety agency is currently calling out what we can only assume are distracted drivers on Twitter with the #JustDrive hashtag.

“Lives are at stake on our highways. NHTSA wants to drive behavior change, stop bad habits, and encourage safe driving,” Mark Rosekind, NHTSA administrator, said in a statement about distracted driving earlier this month. “People need to understand the potential price of distracted driving. The cost of a ticket is nothing, compared to the irrevocable cost of taking someone’s life.”

To make sure those consequences are on drivers’ minds, NHTSA has replied to a number of Twitter messages that contain some mention of a vehicle, texting, Tweeting, snapchatting, and other phone-related activities.

In addition to shaming distracted drivers on Twitter, NHTSA has also been running an advertising campaign called “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” aimed at reminding drivers that they could be cited for using their phones while behind the wheel.

[via M Live]

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