Comcast Tells Florida Customers They’ll Be Losing Channels; Won’t Say Which Ones

Image courtesy of honeylamb

Comcast giveth (by accident) and Comcast taketh away (via form letter with no pertinent information). The cable giant is telling some Florida customers that they will soon be losing channels they weren’t supposed to get, but isn’t telling them which ones.

The company explains to that a routine review of subscribers in the Treasure Coast region of the state, Comcast noticed that customers were getting channels that weren’t supposed to be included in their subscriptions.

And so Comcast recently began blasting out letters to affected subscribers to let them know that they won’t be enjoying as many programming options going forward.

Problem is, the letters make no mention of which channels customers will soon be saying goodbye to.

A rep for Comcast tells that this is because the removed channels are specific to each subscriber, but the company decided to just send out an infuriatingly vague form letter instead of figuring out how to mail out customer-specific notices.

And so, affected Comcasters in the area — specifically in the counties of Indian River, Martin, and St. Lucie — will find out on April 11 which channels they will now have to pay extra to get.

In all its beneficence, Comcast says it will not charge subscribers for the channels they were not supposed to get.

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