Sony Planning To Make PlayStation Games For iOS, Android Devices

Image courtesy of Sigma.DP2.Kiss.X3

In an effort to cut a slice out of the mobile gaming market, Sony says it’s planning to create a new division of the company devoted to making PlayStation games that can be played on iOS and Android devices.

Before you go rubbing your hands in glee, eager gamers, you should know that the fun may be geographically limited: the project will be available to users based in Japan and Asia, today’s announcement says, though it’s unclear if that means it’s only starting out there and will eventually spread elsewhere, or if it will remain limited in scope.

The new division, called ForwardWorks, will officially launch on April 1, at which point it’s likely more details will be revealed.

Nintendo also has a mobile game out there right now, Miitomo. But it’s more of a social app that lets users invent cartoon avatars based on characters in the Wii game system.

Sony’s last attempt at breaking into the smartphone world didn’t work out so well, TechCrunch points out, after the company shut down PlayStation Mobile last year. The cross-platform product offered games that worked on both PS Vita and Android devices, and was tied to Sony’s Vita handheld devices.

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