Woman Accused Of Shoplifting At Walmart Flashed Security Staff, Then Bit Them

Image courtesy of Ben Schumin

A woman who set off the security sensors at the Walmart in Blackman Township, MI in the wee hours of Monday morning wanted to show employees that she had nothing to hide. Police say that’s why she pulled her shirt up and her pants down to show that she had no merchandise concealed under her clothing. However, there was the matter of the cart full of merchandise that she pushed into the foyer.

When the store’s loss prevention staff accused her of theft and pulling her clothes partway off didn’t convince them otherwise, she resorted to violence. According to police, she hit one of the employees trying to detain her in the face, then bit his arm. She left “visible injuries” in the attack, but nothing bad enough that the employee needed medical attention.

Once police arrived, she was charged with indecent exposure, malicious destruction of property, assault, and unarmed robbery. Since she’s accused of assaulting a person while stealing, that’s considered “unarmed robbery.”

Shoplifter who struck, bit Walmart employee arrested on multiple charges [MLive]

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