Woman Claims Her Bag Was Peed On While In United Airlines’ Possession

It’s not often you hear about airlines and urine twice in one day, but apparently that’s the case today. Just hours after a man said he sat in a pee-soaked American Airlines seat, a United Airlines passenger claims an airline employee urinated in her bag.

The woman, who flew from Newark to San Francisco last week, says that when she opened her checked baggage she saw yellow stains and smelled urine, TMZ reports.

According to the woman, when she went to unpack she found what she believes was urine on both the clothing and the lining of her bag.

The passenger took the bag back to the airport the next day and filed a complaint, where she says an airline employee didn’t believe her story.

A spokesperson for United tells TMZ that they don’t believe anyone peed on the woman’s belonging, however they did agree to replace her bag.

The woman tells TMZ that she was able to wash the garments and both the stains and smell were gone after a few cycles.

United Airlines Passenger Says Don’t Pee On My Luggage And Tell Me It’s Raining [TMZ]

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