American Airlines Drops Lawsuit Against GoGo, Still Wants Faster WiFi

Earlier this month, American Airlines sued their in-flight WiFi provider, GoGo, over what the airline considers unacceptably slow connection speeds. Today, the airline announced that it has dropped the lawsuit, but still plans to look around for a new and less crappy provider for their shorter domestic flights.

The two companies disagree about part of their contract with each other, and whether American had properly notified GoGo that it was looking for a new provider. They had a different understanding of what it meant for American to notify GoGo and let them potentially bid against any new providers. If the airline doesn’t accept their proposal, the contract would end in 60 days.

American has its eye on ViaSat, a provider that other U.S. and international airlines use and that is apparently not terrible. GoGo plans to bid with its own upgraded service, though, a new satellite product called 2Ku, which is apparently not a random string of letters and numbers.

American has dismissed the lawsuit “without prejudice,” which means that they could file it again at a later date if GoGo continues to be terrible.

American drops lawsuit against in-flight Internet provider Gogo [Dallas Morning News]

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