Justin’s Almond Butter Hit With Shrink Ray, But Only At Walmart

One of the nice things about Justin’s brand nut butters is that they come in a jar that’s a full 16 ounces. Except, reader EC learned recently, at Walmart. Since his last purchase of a nut butter jar last year, the packaging has changed… and so has the volume of almond butter in the jar.


EC crunched the numbers for us. Last year, the 16-ounce jar cost $9.98, or 62¢ per ounce. This year, the 12-ounce jar is nominally cheaper at $8.97, or 75¢ per ounce. The almond butter seems cheaper if you aren’t really paying attention.

Here’s the curious thing, though: the 16-ounce jar hasn’t been discontinued in favor of the smaller jar. That 12-ounce jar is only available from Walmart. Other retailers that carry Justin’s products don’t have it, and that company only sells 16-ounce jars on its own website.

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