Business Travelers Would Rather Take An Uber Than Rent A Car

Uber has been gaining in popularity in the corporate travel realm for a few months now, but according to one analysis, it’s now the No. 1 option for business travelers, overtaking taxis and topping rental cars.

According to a report released by expense software company Certify, Uber beat out the competition when it comes to business expenses: Uber rides made up 41% of expensed rides during the fourth quarter of 2015, while rental cars fell behind at 39%.

Uber previously passed taxis by in July — fell from 35% of overall rides in the first quarter of the year to just 20% in the last.

Certify analyzed more than 9 million receipts and travel expenses for its analysis, for a total of 30 million over the year, the company says. Of course, if your company doesn’t use Certify for its expenses, that data wasn’t included. Who knows, maybe you’re a horse-and-buggy kind of venture, or a scooter company.

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