Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have No Idea How Much ‘Star Trek: DS9’ Toy Costs

ds9Josh was browsing the clearance shelves at his local Walmart in North Carolina, as many treasure-hunters and aspiring retail archaeologists of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart do. That’s when he found something surprising: between some kind of fitness equipment and a Margaritaville-branded margarita machine, there was a toy ship from Star Trek. Not just any toy ship, though: this was from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the ’90s series, and the toy had been hiding somewhere for the last 20 years.

The company that made this item, Playmates, is still in business, but the show is long off the air and the toy wouldn’t be a current product for sale. How old was it? Even though someone had put it out on the clearance shelf, when Josh tried to buy it, Walmart staff couldn’t figure out how much it cost.

“For kicks, I bought this toy – it took a team of three employees to figure out how to sell it (it was not in the system) and they ended up pricing it at $20,” he wrote to Consumerist. “No one there had any idea about where the toy came from.”

Don’t be silly: it came from the Antares Ship Yards. By way of Playmates Toys. By way of the back corner of Walmart’s warehouse.

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