Ford Plans To Triple Its Autonomous Vehicle Fleet

Image courtesy of Ford

(courtesy: Ford)

(courtesy: Ford)

Less than a month after Ford said it would take an autonomous, driverless vehicle prototype for a few spins on the West Coast, the carmaker revealed plans to accelerate its foray into cars of the future by tripling its fleet of self-driving cars.

According to Ford’s announcement at CES International in Las Vegas, the company will increase its existing fleet of self-driving Fusion Hybrid cars to 30, up from existing number of 10. While that might be a molecule in a drop in the bucket, Ford claims it would be the largest fleet of autonomous vehicles operated by any carmaker.

The car manufacturer plans to test the cars in California, Arizona, and Michigan this year.

“I predict that 2016 will be a revolutionary year for the auto industry,” Ford chief executive Mark Fields said at the press event. “We are completely rethinking how we approach the business, with one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow.”

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