If You’re Not Sure That Mark Hamill Autograph Is Legit, Just Ask Mark Hamill

We know. You love everything that has to do with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that includes Mark Hamill. But before you shell out the big bucks for that piece of memorabilia bearing Luke Skywalker’s signature, you might want to check its authenticity with the source itself: Mark Hamill (or Luke Skywalker, depending on your grasp on reality).

Hamill has taken time over the last few days to either refute or validate the authenticity of his signature on autographed merchandise, responding individually to fans on Twitter (h/t Business Insider). You know, because he’s got nothing else going on right now.

He gets excited when they’re real:

And just as bummed when they aren’t:

He’s even training young Jedi to recognize fakes on their own when they see’em, using his real John Hancock as a guide to compare them against:

As for why he’s taking the time out of his no-doubt busy schedule wearing robes and hoods and contemplating The Force, Hamill says he just doesn’t want his fans to get screwed out of their money.

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    in my personal experience, he is a very, very nice guy, especially about autographs. a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away i worked at a location at disney that he was visiting with his family. he was trying to be incognito but when he was recognized he gladly spent about 6 hours signing autographs for fans. and when they didn’t have anything for him to sign, he had me (via his adult son, Nathan) print out pictures from the fun face morphing game he had previously played to sign for them. i spent a while talking to his son who was waiting for him and when he asked why none of the cast members were asking for autographs, i explained we weren’t allowed to.
    apparently he told his dad, and after we closed for the evening, they were leaving (exit through the gift shop) and Mark Hamill said “i hear you guys aren’t allowed to ask for autographs. are you allowed to accept them if i offer them?”
    the managers agreed and several people obtained autographs on building maps. my dumbass didn’t think to get one, which i have regretted ever since.
    but he made a ton of fan super happy that day, when he really didn’t have to. we could have shut that down and let him get on with his family vacation, but he declined when security made that offer, instead choosing to be good to the fans