It’s Time To Rescue Any Information You Value From Rdio

As we reported about a month ago, the streaming music service Rdio has been acquired by Pandora. Rather than keeping the service alive, Pandora plans to shut it down and use its technology and some employees for their own purposes. They might make it part of their current service, or plan to add a playlist-style streaming music app. If you’ve used Rdio, it’s time to download any content that you want to keep.

Users haven’t had to pay for their accounts since the acquisition, and should have received a recent email about the shutdown. Users can download their playlists, comments, favorites, and other personal data from the site until the final shutdown on December 22. Users can view their most-played songs over the five years and four months that the service has existed.

Rdio will shut down for good in one week [Engadget] (via 9to5Mac)

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