Facebook Pulls The Plug On Internal App Incubator, Creative Labs, And Three Underused Apps

After two years and probably thousands of ideas from employees on how to attract users via new programs and apps on the site, Facebook is shuttering its Creative Labs feature — and some of the programs that came out of it. 

CNET reports that Facebook-owned apps like photo-sharing app Slingshot, anonymous chat app Rooms and collaborative video app Riff have seen the end of the line.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed that the apps were pulled. While none of the apps had been updated in quite some time, the spokesperson says that elements of each will live on in the company’s main mobile app.

The closure of Creative Labs, which was created from Facebook’s hack-a-thons, comes after the tech company chose not to spend marketing dollars promoting the apps, CNET reports.

Still, the closure of the incubator and the three apps doesn’t mean you’ll see less innovation from Facebook: the company say sit plans to continue experimenting with new apps and support other employee-developed apps.

Facebook shuts down Creative Labs, apps [CNET]

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