Dunkin’ Donuts Pledges To Only Serve Cage-Free Eggs In The U.S. By 2025

After mulling its position over for the last seven months, Dunkin’ Donuts says it’s ready to take the plunge, pledging to serve only eggs from cage-free hens by 2025.

Dunkin’ announced the plan Monday, along with the Humane Society, saying it’s starting the move toward using cage-free eggs in all its menu items (well, in the ones that use eggs, because no one wants eggs in their coffee, cage-free or no).

“We have a responsibility to ensure the humane treatment of animals, an issue we know is also important to both our franchisee community and our loyal guests,” said Christine Riley Miller, senior director of corporate social responsibility for Dunkin’ Brands, in a statement.

Back in March, Dunkin’ had said it was considering going entirely cage-free. It’s also planning on buying pork in the U.S. only from suppliers that don’t put animals in gestation crates by 2022.

The breakfast chain isn’t alone in its move toward cage-free eggs: McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Panera Bread and General Mills have all come out with similar promises.

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