Man Scores $1K Lottery Prize, Immediately Buys More Tickets And Wins $10M

If you suddenly find yourself with $1,000 more than you had a few seconds ago, would you hold on tight to that newfound reward, or use some of it to try to gain even more lottery glory? A California man let it ride, buying more lottery tickets with his winnings, and his gamble paid off, to the tune of $10 million.

The Modesto, CA man usually buys four or five lottery tickets per week, reports KCRA-3 (warning: link has video that autoplays), and had decided to pick up some $30 California Lottery 30th anniversary scratchers tickets at a local convenience store while he was out running errands.

Right away, he won $1,000 on his first ticket, and he didn’t stop there.

“[He] scratched $1,000 and he came back,” the convenience store manager told the news station. “We had three last tickets left on that row and he said, ‘give me those three too.'”

Moments later, he was a millionaire.

“First off, I could not believe it,” the lucky guy said. “I had to ask the clerk at the store, and he said, ‘You better check it again at the machine.'”

He hasn’t decided what he’ll be doing with his winnings. Perhaps $10 million worth of more lottery tickets would be pushing it.

Modesto man lands $10M lottery right after winning $1K [KCRA-3]

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