Samsung Adds Warning Stickers To Galaxy Note 5 So Owners Won’t Stick Stylus In The Wrong Way

To protect Galaxy Note 5 owners from themselves, Samsung wants to make sure they’re fully warned before they accidentally break their devices: the company is adding stickers to the product’s packaging alerting users that there’s a right way and a wrong way to stow styluses, and doing it incorrectly could do permanent damage to their phones.

See, in previous versions of the Galaxy Note, the stylus was larger on one end than on the other, preventing users from sticking the stylus in incorrectly (h/t Tech Times). But in this latest iteration, Samsung did away with that design, allowing owners to insert the S Pen backwards. Doing so can cause the stylus to get stuck in the slot, and potentially damaging the pen detection mechanism.

Without that feature, many stylus features on the phone can’t be used, even if you somehow removed the S Pen.

To make sure users are aware of the potential risk to their phones, the company has now added stickers to the phone’s screens (first spotted in an unboxing video from YouTube User J. Williams) that describe exactly how to position the S Pen correctly, noting that proceeding differently “can damage the pen and your phone.”

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