Google Relaunching Google+ In Attempt To Convince People To Actually Use It

newgoogplusRemember when Google wanted people use Google+ for all their social media, photos and video needs? Then you probably also remember that it didn’t work out quite so well for Google, which ended up cutting up the platform into its most useful parts, like the photos feature. But the technology giant isn’t quite ready to give up on the social service yet, and is instead launching it anew.

Google is taking a fresh tack with Google+ this time around, the company announced in a blog post: instead of trying to push the service as a kind of catch-all social media tool, Google+ will be focused on Communities and Collections, which are two of the most popular features of the service, according to Google.

Communities have been around since 2012 and are basically groups: you know, clusters of people with similar interests and hobbies who enjoy talking about those topics. Collections is new this year, and works somewhat like Pinterest, allowing users to group posts about a certain topic into a package that others might be interested in checking out.


Google says the redesigned Google+ will put those two features front and center, and that the platform is now focused around interests. It’s more mobile-friendly as well, the company says, as it’s rebuilt it across web, Android and iOS.

To use the new version of Google+, you’ll have to opt-in, which you can find out more about here.

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