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Google Fiber Shrinks Once Again, May Be Restructuring For A More Wireless Future

Bad news for Google Fiber fans… and worse news for employees. Word on the street today is that the division is shrinking even more, sending its workers into other parts of the company and slimming down everything it can. [More]


Portland Joins The “Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Google Fiber” List

Remember how last week, it turned out Google was temporarily suspending their plan to build out more Google Fiber in their own silicon valley back yard? Well, metro San Jose can feel special about one thing with the delay, at least: it’s not alone. [More]

Great Beyond

Google Begins Testing Tech That Could Become Fiberless Fiber Service

People like fast internet. Google sells fast internet. People like Google’s fast internet. So far, so good. But Google doesn’t really like building Google’s fast internet, because it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time, and is logistically complicated to build and maintain. One answer to that problem? Taking the wires out of the equation. [More]