Lawsuit Claims Peet’s Coffee & Tea Is Shortchanging Customers With Its French Press Servings

What you see on the menu board at Peet’s Coffee & Tea is not what you get, according to one customer who says the chain isn’t serving up as much coffee as it claims: a Chicago-area customer is suing Peet’s over its “press pots,” which come in either 12-ounce or 32-ounce French press containers.

Despite the fact that the carafes of coffee are advertised as 12 or 32 ounces, the man alleges that the press pots actually contain more than 25% less coffee than that, reports the Chicago Tribune (warning: paywall in effect).

In his complaint, he says he bought both sizes of the press pots at a Peet’s in Winnetka, IL, and found them lacking.

But Peet’s Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Ricks says that the sizes listed on the cafe menu refer to the size of the press pot, and not how much liquid they will ultimately contain when the coffee is done brewing.

“We are committed to honesty and integrity, and we uphold the highest standards,” he said, adding that the company “takes these things very seriously” and it will “absolutely” be looking into the complaint.

Peet’s sued over French press serving sizes [Chicago Tribune]

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