Macy’s Disclaimer: Sale Item May Have Never Sold For ‘Regular’ Price

Part of the game that department stores play with their customers is holding rotating sales to let is think that we’re getting a real bargain. Are there items that were never available for the “retail” price at all? Macy’s has discovered a way around that, by slapping a disclaimer on their website pointing out that no one necessarily ever paid the original price for an item.

Is that confusing? Here it is in the wild, spotted by reader Kelly:


“Regular” and “Original” prices are offering prices that may not have resulted in actual sales, and some “Original” prices may not have been in effect during the past 90 days.

Theoretically, someone may have bought this dress at $99, that doesn’t mean anyone necessarily did. If the “original” price is unreasonable, does that mean that you really saved any money at all?

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