Of Course There’s A Company That Will Ship You Fall Leaves From New England

shipleavesSure, you can wear tank tops and shorts in Los Angeles in the fall, but perhaps you’re missing the sight of the leaves on trees changing from green to orange, gold, red and even purple. To bridge the distance for people who can’t make a trip to see the bright autumnal hues of New England in person, there’s a company that offers to ship the fall foliage anywhere in the country.

Those piles of leaves you have to rake every day might start to resemble dollar signs, as apparently people are willing to pay $19.99 for a company called ShipFoliage.com to send three leaves collected from the forests of Vermont and Hampshire.

“Each leaf is carefully picked and color balanced in a bundle of three,” the website reads.

So what makes this different from anyone else who might want to shove a handful of leaves in an envelope and make a tidy profit? The company says its leaves are specially treated, undergoing “a unique preservation process” that ensures “your leaves will last for years to come.”

The guy behind the company says that foliage just seemed like an untapped market. And the bundles are worth the price, Kyle Waring told the Boston Globe, because he “filters through tons … to find Grade A leaves,” cleans them, and preservers them using ammonia and glycerin.

“That way the leaves won’t just crumble. It gives them this glossy texture,” he said.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of folks packing up Mother Nature’s bounty for a profit — Waring also made headlines last year for selling Massachusetts snow from his front yard to those in warmer climes during last year’s wintry blast. He eventually started a business called Ship Snow, Yo, but wouldn’t tell the Globe how much money he made with that venture.

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