The Narwhal Bacon Box Is Not Clear On The Concept Of ‘Monthly’ Subscription Boxes

11401249_384769721726108_5423980211676643674_nThe appeal of monthly subscription boxes is that, um, you get a subscription box. Monthly. That’s why customers are so disappointed in the Narwhal Bacon Box, which promised to be a monthly box with Reddit-themed content. It hasn’t managed to ship any boxes yet.

Bob Brown at Network World gave the box a try for a month and couldn’t tell his readers whether a subscription would be worth their time because he doesn’t have the box yet. The box for July.

“I guess I should have been concerned about NBB from the start when I received email on July 28 informing me that my box would arrive in mid-July,” he wrote. “Oh, maybe they meant 2016?” That’s a lot of lead time, so probably not.

He’s not alone, though. The startup’s Facebook page is full of posts from customers complaining that they haven’t received July or August boxes, and September’s hasn’t shipped yet either.

The company claims that they’ve had problems sourcing their products and with “fulfillment,” or actually getting the boxes shipped out.

Reddit-inspired Narwhal Bacon Box is fizzling, not sizzling [Network World]

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