Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset Is Called…. PlayStation VR

Sony recently named its upcoming virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR.

After spending more than year referring to its virtual reality headset with the over-the-top working title Project Morpheus, Sony finally revealed the true identity of its immersive accessory, and it’s a bit of a letdown: PlayStation VR.

While the new name for the virtual reality headset – expected to be available for purchase in the next few months – seems a bit lackluster compared to its code name, Sony says there’s a good reason for that, CNBC reports.

The company chose to bestow the PlayStation moniker on its latest gaming venture in an attempt to evoke a feeling of nostalgia with consumers.

“The name ‘PlayStation VR’ not only directly expresses an entirely new experience from PlayStation that allows players to feel as if they are physically inside the virtual world of a game, but it also reflects our hopes that we want our users to feel a sense of familiarity as they enjoy this amazing experience,” Masayasu Ito, division president of PlayStation Product Business, said during the company’s Tokyo Game Show press conference.

Sony has yet to release a price point for its virtual reality headset, but it’s a safe bet the device will face stiff competition when it’s released, as Oculus Rift is also gearing up to release a consumer version and Samsung’s Gear VR is already available.

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