2 Ounces Quietly Shrink Rayed From Economy-Size Bottles Of Shout

Jarrod was shopping at Target when he noticed something: there were two different designs of Shout bottles on the shelf. Since redesigns often mask strikes of the Grocery Shrink Ray, he checked the labels, even though the bottles appeared to be the same size. Indeed, the 32-ounce “economy size” bottle shrank down to 30 ounces, but at least the price came down, too.


“I guess they’re right when they say the economy is shrinking…” Jarrod wrote when he sent us these photos. Well, sure, this economy[-size bottle.]

You’ll notice that the price came down slightly, too: that’s the same price to the penny that Walmart has the same product for in my area, so it may be that the price has fallen, there’s a new manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or the stores are matching each other for a temporary post-shrinkage sale.

Here are the sizes on the labels, for comparison. It’s strange how the type is bigger on the newly shrunken bottle, as if they aren’t interested in being subtle.


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