GM Recalls 121K Cadillac Sedans Because Defogging Shouldn’t Start A Fire

When activating the defogger control in your vehicle you expect it to defog your windows, not start a fire. Alas, that’s apparently the case for nearly 121,000 Cadillac sedans that are part of General Motor’s latest recall.

The Detroit News reports that GM plans to recall nearly 97,000 model year 2013 to 2016 ATS sedans in the U.S. and 24,000 in Canada because of a fault in the defogger system that increases the risk of fires.

So far, GM says it’s aware of four fires related to the issue. However, no injuries, fatalities or crashes have been reported.

The company says that only a fraction of the vehicles being recalled will likely have the malfunction, but all will be checked.

The recalled ATS vehicles may have been manufactured with a “critically weak terminal connectivity in the coil antenna module, which powers the rear defogger system. If the module has the condition and is subjected to excessive cycling or continuous operation, it may overheat and a fire may develop inside the rear pillar on the driver’s side of the vehicle,” GM says.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by GM, and a dealer will update the Electric Climate Control module software to remove the automatic rear defogger “on” function.

According to the Detroit News, the recall is the fourth for newer model ATS sedans, the last coming just two months ago when the company recalled 63,000 vehicles of the same make and model year for a roof panel that may close automatically when the non-recessed switches were pressed and the panel is open.

GM recalls 121,000 Cadillac ATS cars for fire risks [The Detroit News]

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